Duimstra Imagery | A Surprise Announcement- James and Lindsay Royalty

A Surprise Announcement- James and Lindsay Royalty

November 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

When I first met Lindsay and James, they had just gotten married. A little over a year later, I received a very exciting message. They are expecting their first child and were ready to announce it to the world. I love babies & baby bellies, becoming a mom was one of the coolest moments I have ever experienced and I just love the idea of getting to document that excitement for another couple. 

MI080022A Baby's Best Friend As we talked and heard about their farm filled with animals and her love for their three dogs, we had an idea. We'd have the dogs tell the secret and I knew just how I wanted to put this together. She made some super cute signs and I brought my "dog whisperer" of a husband along to help wrangle them and we were off to the races. For you non-dog owners out there (if thats possible), to get three dogs to sit by each other let alone look in the same direction was a task, an impossible task actually. So with some photography magic with the help of my husband, we made it happen and look how cute they all are! 

Because of the dogs, we decided to do the shoot at their home which personally I loved. This will be the place that their baby comes home to, where all of their memories will be made, where their marriage had started. Did I mention they also had their reception at their home? Needless to say, this home has a special place in their hearts. After getting "the shoot" and taking a MI080072J + L Royalty break to pet all the animals, I couldn't help but be inspired by their farms beautiful surroundings. 

Congratulations James and Lindsay! Parenthood is one of coolest adventures you two will ever take and  we are so excited to watch your family of five become a family of 6!

-- Aynee