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Water Street Art Project

July 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

A while back I heard of this mural movement starting up in Brooklyn Michigan.. (side note: If you don't know Brooklyn Michigan you probably don't watch nascar, which is TOTALLY OK... ) Anyways! I hadn't had a chance to make it out to Brooklyn for some time now and now some recent "opinions" of the art has caused a bit of drama... So I wanted to see what all the hubbub was about. Also Miss Quincee's doctor is out that way so I figured why not go check out. Brooklyn is a quant pretty lil town but no real art until Josh Mitoska Decided to add some color on Water Street!!!!

SD050153Greetings from Brooklyn SD050160 SD050184 SD050158 SD050174 Water Street Art ProjectWater Street Art Project

SD050166 Water Street Art ProjectWater Street Art Project

All in all I think this is great for Brooklyn even though the arts not for everyone and in all rights it shouldn't be. Personally I love it. Well done Josh and all the artists that contributed! I look forward to see what comes next!!! Cheers!!!! 

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All images shot with the Olympus Pen-f and the 7-14mm Pro lens. 



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