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On a recent photo trip to northern michigan (not U.P. north but "north-ish"), A friend and fellow mirrorless shooter Jamie MacDonald (http://jmacdonaldphoto.com/ & http://mirrorlessminutes.com/ ) had me test out the NEW UNO from "The b-grip" line (http://www.bgrip.com/uno-en/ ) an Italian made holster system designed for the mirrorless and compact camera formats. If you are looking for other carrying options aside from a strap (neck or crossbody) I recommend checking this out. There is another brand similar to this but I can say I prefer this design more due to the added stability they have in this design. 

Lets take a closer look at the system.

Above: The Uno mounted to my backpack without the body attachment piece. Below: The Arca sized plate fits in bottom first.

It also fits into your Arca Tripod!!!!!

The main lever is what holds the plate onto the holster unit. Its a solid connection, though i do wish there was a quick connect way of doing this but that thing is secure! Even with moving around a lot on our hikes it stayed close to me and really didn't flop around much. Which is the plus of a holster system, it's there when I need it and it isn't swinging around like a cross-body strap or a neck strap. Below: The red lever is a solid locking mech. to prevent accidental release. It was very useful on those dunes!

A secure mount is a great feeling for our "mechanical babies" and was the first time trying out a set up like this. I dig it, but I'll cover that at the end. Let's look at how it mounts to your backpack strap.

In the package comes a U shaped bar with threading on each end. this is the back bar.. place that on your strap pointing out. Place the UNO on the front of your backpack strap. Putting the threads through the mounting holes. Screw on the supplied finger screws till tight enough making it snug (that way you can adjust it on the strap). Adjust on your strap. Finish tightening the finger screws. DONE! You're ready to rock! put the bag on and mount the arca plate that comes with the UNO to the tripod socket of your camera.

So below (sorry I was shirtless... it was hot!!!) I had it mounted to my camel pack on the dunes in Silver Lake Michigan. I added a tether to my camera and attached to my bag for safety concerns and the fact I'm a bit clumsy!

File Sep 25, 5 36 11 PMThanks for the photo Travis! photo by: Travis Stevens (http://www.tstevensphoto.com/)

The UNO also comes with a belt mounting piece that basically goes where your strap would. I decided to add the mounting plate to my Telephoto lens as a fast changing option. I've yet to use it like this but I will try this out soon! I'm thinking I'm gonna like it!

_9250042_9250042 _9250043_9250043

Below: are all that comes with the UNO. The material its made of is metal and heavy duty Polymer material.

Pieces that come with the UNO


All in all I'm really digging the Uno! If you're into the adventure side of photography or just not wanting your camera swinging all around, the UNO is an option you should check out. I know this will be a main piece (aside from my camera) in my urbex adventures and other hikes where I'm carrying extra gear. Hopefully this review answered the questions you may have on how this is set up and used but if not feel free to contact me or comment and I'll gladly try to answer it. You can of course check out "The B-Grip Line" at their website http://www.bgrip.com/

They also have those larger DSLR options too!

The B-Grip - http://www.bgrip.com/

Jamie MacDonald - http://jmacdonaldphoto.com/  & http://mirrorlessminutes.com/


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