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Street shooting with Mark

July 03, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It's been a minute since I've gone down to Ann Arbor to street shoot, so I jumped at the chance when my buddy Mark decided to go check out the new camera store on E. Washington called The Camera Mall. Pretty sweet store and big fans of Olympus gear! If you want to check out their website its: http://cameramall.com/. All the images were shot with my #getolympus Em1 and the 17mm F1.8 but I wont bore you with the settings or the post process technique I used. Feel free to drop me a message if you are curious..... 

Moving on....


First off lets introduce Mark Miller of http://www.markmillerphotography1.com

Mark Miller

Mark is a fellow #getolympus shooter and an amazing photographer! 

After wandering a bit we decided we should grab a bite to eat at Connor O'Neils... 

_7030007BIG BURGER!

It was a bit more than a "bite" hahaha but super good! 

_7030004_7030004 He was impressed by the burger as well :) I suppose now I should show off some photography.

_7030014_7030014 Mark has never seen the Graffiti Ally. I've got plenty of shots of it so I'll show you the above. _7030018 Out wandering we met some fun people, hopefully they stop by the website for the photo. If you're reading this Hi guys!!!. 

_7030025 Some more wandering...... 

_7030026 People!!!!!!! Shortly after this we found a great spot to sit and people watch. I gotta say I love Ann Arbor. 

_7030030_7030030 _7030032_7030032 _7030035_7030035 _7030038_7030038 _7030040_7030040 _7030044_7030044

After a while we decided to move on and explore other areas.. 



We found an empty festival.... lol  so we moved on.....

_7030052_7030052 Then I had to stop and watch this guy for a moment.. He was pretty bad ass with that stick!!! Looking back I really should have shot a video of this, but here's my favorite shot. 

_7030058_7030058 Love love LOVE the architecture in Ann Arbor, it just demands a presence in this beautiful city.

_7030065_7030065 _7030066_7030066

I just Loved this guy but he didnt want to stick around.. places to be.... people to see.. 

All in all I had a great time hanging out and shooting with Mark in Ann Arbor. I got to see some great people, have some good food and enjoy the company of a good friend. Once again check out Mark's work! 

Mark's Website: http://www.markmillerphotography1.com Mark's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mmillerphotography1

Lets not forget....

Camera Mall https://www.facebook.com/CameraMall and of course Olympus http://www.getolympus.com/ and their great gear! 

Until the next time! Thanks for reading! 



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