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What have I been doing???

June 05, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

What have I been doing lately?? Aside from neglecting this blog I've been meaning to start for some time now.... I can say that I've been taking a hell of a lot of photos since the new year. looking at just 2014 to date... I'm off to a good start and its quite the eclectic collection of home life photos and shoots and random ideas I get. 


So lets get started!

This winter really got me down for a while. The weather was either so bitter cold or it was a blizzard out (I did go out in the blizzard though!) and oh so grey... no color no life.. it was rather depressing. I wanted to go and shoot and capture beauty.. but I wasn't going to drive somewhere warm either.. you know.. the day job does pay the bills, so no random driving off to far away lands! anyway.. it was a fairly decent day and I was determined to go shoot and see what I could find. What I found was this cool little spot near where I live. I had to get out of my truck and get a better look. At this time I didn't have a nice wide angle lens to get a cool shot so I figured I'd try this stitching technique and see how it paned out (pun intended! lol) to my surprise it worked!!!! If curious about this email me and I'll be glad to explain it or at least point you in the direction on how I found out how to do it. If you like this photo and would like a print of it, you can find it here: http://sethingtonscreations.com/p729330675/h322C5838#h322c5838

Moving on.. sorry I have a lot to catch up on! :)


Gotta love Michigan's lovely winter storms!!!! The snow was coming down so hard and HUGE flakes!!! My love and I decided to go tromp through this snow and see what pics we could take. What possessed us to do this is beyond me because this storm literally shut down this area but hey.. we had 4x4!! During our adventure, we find this unfrozen pond with these two swans in it! so we stopped and watched for a while. The whole scene was something you see in a movie. So so beautiful.

Print available here: http://sethingtonscreations.com/p729330675/h322C5838#h3b71dbdc










  snowy aynI <3 this girl! This is Ayn, she's the love of my life and my partner in our random adventures!!! This was the same day as the above photo with the swans. We were all over this town that day looking for interesting things to take photos of. You'll be seeing plenty of her throughout this blog. I must say she is patient with me and this camera. I've got a plethora of photos of her with a million and two different facial expressions to prove that point! Don't worry though, I'll make sure I slide some in but I must choose carefully so she isn't unhappy with me. :) ok well here's one! 



As things started melting and being able to be outside for more than 10mins was an acceptable option. I decided to go downtown Jackson and shoot with my friend Ashley Smith of Mashed media Check out her work she's a great photographer!!! (http://www.mashedmedia.net/) Even though it was cold out it felt good to get out and shoot just cause. That day produced a handful of some of my favorite images.

Many can be found here: http://sethingtonscreations.com/p606528401

Heres one below:

There are some days that I just get this feeling, some reason I really need to take my camera with me...  I know I know I should have it with me all the time.. blah blah blah.. some things are meant to be seen with just your eyes.. others well yeah I still like taking photos! haha ANYWAYS...

This day was one of them.. and I'm glad I did! getting around the time I'm due to get out of work I noticed the clouds were pretty interesting and thought to myself "Might be a cool sunset tonight" and decided to go find a good spot to capture the possible sunset. So I went driving west which in hindsight I guess it would have made more sense to head north or south but whatever!  I ended up at this high school parking lot with these HUGE snow banks from the plows and it opened up to such a great view!!!! Remember that stitch thing I mentioned earlier.. well I did it again with more photos (20 something) and was able to capture the below photo that I call "Chasing the Sun" because well damnit I drove around chasing the sun.. (lol I know its not nearly as creative sounding now! haha )


Not to long after I took the sunset photo I was invited to hang out with my buddy's band "The Drunksman" during their practice and got to get some shots of them playing. They're quite the fun group of guys that make up this band and you should really check them out on their youtube channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDrunksmen/videos and their facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheDrunksmen

















Well its getting late and all I've actually only covered January so far... January!!!! ! I suppose I'll call this part one and get some rest.