Aynee DuimstraAynee DuimstraPhotographer, Artist, CFO of Sethington's Creations, Supreme ruler of the Duimstra household...


Hi, I'm Aynee; the Mrs. of Duimstra Imagery. A product of the 90's born to express herself creatively.

Many things bring me joy in life, first and foremost being my husband's wife and mother to our daughter, Quincee. Most days you'll find me taking cute baby pictures and creating things of different sorts. I love knick knacks, wind chimes and things that are one-of-kind. Taking the normal and adding my own twist. 

Secondly, creating. Creating anything and everything. Watercolors, pens, hair color and a pair of scissors, I work within many different mediums. I spent the last five years as a hairstylist at a few salons in the Jackson area. Getting my toes wet in the world of weddings and finding a love for on-site and in home hair services. In the last year, photography has become a large passion of mine. Together with my husband, we want to give you a full photography experience. 

From senior shoots, to engagements and wedding, even those cute, tiny humans and family portraits. Come have a laid-back portrait session with me while getting moments captured. I look forward to working with you!