Faces of Jackie

August 31, 2015  •  7 Comments

Starting a new project that I've been thinking about starting for some time now and I got a great start with mine and my wife's friend Jackie.  She made this shoot super easy and fun! Minus eating all of my combos! ;) Thank you Jackie for being a part of this project!!!! Hopefully this grows to be something big!!!

Enough talking; Check out the faces of Jackie! Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!





If you happen to be interested in joining the project, drop me an email!!! #Thepeople


Lisa Spampinato(non-registered)
Beautiful job! Yep, I'm in if you need more faces :-)
Jayna Bortell(non-registered)
These are gorgeous shots! If you need people, then you can count me in! I'd be happy to help. :)
Renee Lynde(non-registered)
This looks amazing! Your whole site is awesome. If you need people count me in :)
Pamela Mineweaser(non-registered)
Count me in if you think there is a way I can help
Wow. You're a versatile photographer! Great job capturing Jackie's unique features.
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